We provide service to the patients who qualify for “homebound” status, which means it is a hardship for the patient and their caregivers to take patients out of their home to doctor’s office visits. We accept Medicare and Medicaid and most major medical health insurance plans.

The true “Medical Home” concept is carried out by our primary care practice team to see patients at home, the hospital, the skilled nursing facility or rehab units, the nursing home, as well as personal care homes or group home settings and hospice care. This allows the patient to have one team of providers to communicate and manage the patients’ healthcare needs which has shown to reduce our rehospitalization rate. The primary admitting facility is Mainland Medical Center,  Clear Lake Medical Center and Bay Are Regional Medical Center.

Credentialed at Kindred, Cornerstone LTACS, Kindred Rehab and PAM to assist with discharge planning needs and patient placements. Kindred has opened an Urgent Care Center for outpatient testing and observation management to reduce ER overflow that we are utilizing for our homebound and nursing home patient urgent issues. This saves the hospital money, time and complaints due to the ER volumes.

Credentialed with 14 local nursing homes to provide discharge planning assistance. Affiliated with IPC Hospitalist groups to assist with long term placement issues and hospital coverage. Affiliated with Essential Hospice to assist with end of life care.

Wound Care Certified Nurse Practitioner provides advanced care for difficult to manage wounds and reducing hospitalization rates for infected wounds. House Calls visits are at your home. We are able to provide most services received in traditional medical offices.

We have proven in Galveston County to have one of the lowest re-hospitalization rates among our peers with excellent patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys. We now have the ability to perform lab tests, EKG’s, x-rays to homebound patients. We are expanding services this year to include another physician, another NP or PA, and home ultrasounds and we look forward to continuing our growth and affiliation with the HCA family.

    • Physical Examination
    • Monitoring long term treatment of chronic conditions
    • EKG’s
    • Removal of Impacted Ear Wax
    • Assist with additional scheduling needs